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Pan Pacific Singapore

Adorable Rooms of Pan Pacific Singapore That Deserve Your Attention

Pan Pacific Singapore has all things that all guests for various purposes. For decades, business people, travelers, family vacationers won’t doubt staying in one of the well-established Singapore hotels. The reason is the excellent services and facilities, particularly for outstandingly equipped and designed rooms.

Choices of Rooms in Pan Pacific Singapore

Rooms’ options are deluxe rooms and some suites. Some facilities of the rooms are the best among all Singapore hotels. Yet, the most favorite room that most guests love to give a five-star rating is the deluxe balcony room.

It doesn’t mean that other rooms are not comfortable enough. But, at least, the deluxe balcony room represents the charm of Pan Pacific Singapore, which offers much more luxurious facilities and amenities within the available suites.

As the name suggests, it boasts an adorable outdoor balcony with the Marina Bay area views. The balcony chairs are the real comfort for witnessing the sunset. The interior displays modern architecture that goes along well with the contemporary furniture.

The overall design of the room is good for working people, thanks to the workplace with good choices of work tables and chairs. A USB charging outlet and an HDMI port is available at the work desk.

Wide Bathroom with Elegant Amenities and Toiletries

Before entering the large-sized bathroom, guests are already satisfied with the ample wardrobe. It is too big that the size can fit clothes for a two-week stay. Entering the bathroom will amaze all guests with the White Company amenities. The bathtub is the real charm here though it may be enough for one person only. The counter space is very large, as guests can find exclusive toiletries from Embrace  

The bathroom has an electronic bidet seat toilet that can open the lid automatically after detecting the presence of a human. What’s more, the automatic seat warming also runs while misting the inside area of the toilet.

Relaxing and Satisfying Facilities

The minibar is full of snacks, canned beverages, and bottled drinks. They are good enough to fill an empty stomach after a long flight. Having a deep sleep at the comfortable bed is such a great blessing, thanks also to the pillows that guests can choose like foam, buckwheat hull, or other available choices. Finding a universal power outlet doesn’t let guests step out of bed because it is ready at the bedside.  

Guests can also operate the blackout curtains electrically through the use of remote control. So, if guests don’t want to bother themselves by moving down from bed, they can bring the remote to bed. For the ultimate relaxing moment, guests can use the Nespresso Pro machine on the counter. There are also some exclusive coffee capsules that only this machine can process.

It means rooms at Pan Pacific Singapore apply high technology equipment and fixtures, regardless of their age. No wonder this hotel is still the most favorite one among so many Singapore hotels. It may be due to its good location for both business trips and family vacations.

Originally posted 2021-07-26 11:36:37.