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Delicious Steam Cup Cakes

Easy Recipe to Make Delicious Steam Cup Cakes

Easy Recipe to Make Delicious Steam Cup Cakes- Cup cakes are one of the timeless traditional snacks. This cake usually appears with bright colors and a distinctive yeast flavor (like tape) which is soft, slightly chewy, and moist.

Usually this bowl cake is used as a mandatory dish when there is a meeting or birthday party. Due to its vibrant color, this cake is usually the attention and favorite of event guests. In Bali, this bowl cake is also often used as an addition to ‘offerings’. Besides being able to be made with a mixture of white sugar, cupcake dough can also be made with a mixture of brown sugar. It’s just that, if you use brown sugar, don’t mix it with other dyes, because later the color results will not be good.

This cakes are one of the traditional snacks that many culinary lovers seek because of their deliciousness. The taste is soft, sweet and has a fragrant aroma that makes everyone love this snack. Steamed cup cakes are usually found sold by traders in cake markets or in annual money events, sometimes at celebration events. Interestingly, this cupcake is colorful so it is very beautiful and attracts attention to eat.

When you have free time at home, it’s a good idea to try making cupcakes yourself. Besides being more economical, cupcakes are also suitable as a snack when hanging out with family.

Having a similar shape, many don’t know the difference between cupcakes and steamed sponge cakes. Both are traditional Indonesian cakes, it turns out that the two cakes have differences in their main ingredients.

Steamed cup cakes are made of wheat flour, while bowl cakes have the main ingredients of tape, wheat flour and rice flour. Because the main ingredients are different, the texture of the two cakes is different. The steamed sponge is smooth and soft, while the cupcakes are coarse and slightly moist. To make steamed cupcakes and cakes so that they can bloom, it is tricky. You have to follow the directions properly and use the right ingredients. Here are the recipes for these wet cakes that you can try yourself at home.

Steamed cup cakes ingredients and tools:

– 350 g of rice flour

– 250 g of soft, ripe cassava tapai and puree

– 1 tsp instant yeast

– 600 ml of warm water

– 300 g of sugar

– 60 g of low protein flour

– 2 tsp baking powder

– food coloring

– grated coconut

– Big pan

– Cake mold

How to make Steam cup cakes:

  • Mix rice flour with cassava tapai and 200 ml of warm water. Stir by hand until smooth.
  • Add sugar gradually while kneading by hand for 20 minutes until well blended.
  • Enter the flour, baking powder and a little instant yeast, stir well.
  • Pour in the remaining water, stir until well blended. Rest and cover the dough with a clean napkin for 30 minutes.
  • Next, divide the dough into 3 parts. Season each with coloring, mix well.
  • Heat the cupcake mold in a hot pan until the mold is hot. Use a high fire
  • Pour the cupcake mixture into the cupcake mold until it is full. Wrap the lid of the pot in a clean napkin.
  • Steam the cupcake again over high heat for 30 minutes. Remove and chill.
  • 9 Once cool, remove the cupcakes from the molds. Serve with grated coconut.

Here are easy receipt to make easy receipt to make delicious steam cup cakes, you can try this at home.

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