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Different Squid

How to Make Different Squid Recipe

How to Make Different Squid Recipe — For those of you who are seafood lovers, of course, you are really hooked on squid. To enjoy a variety of squid dishes, you usually have to come to a Chinese restaurant or restaurant. Because not everyone can cook processed squid. Moreover, not a few who feel lazy to take care of the fishy smell of squid. However, actually how to cook squid is not that difficult. To get rid of the fishy smell, you can use a squeeze of lemon juice first.

Of course, squid can be processed and served with different techniques. For example, using native spices from the archipelago. Simple but so special, so that the taste created will be so delicious and special on the tongue. No wonder it is difficult for your tongue to stop wobbling or chewing.

Well, for those of you who want to try making different squid recipe at home, you don’t need to worry. Because novice cooks can also try and serve a variety of squid dishes like a professional chef. Anyway, it’s not complicated and it’s really easy.

A Few Squid Recipes

Crispy Fried squid


– 250 grams of squid

– pepper powder to taste

– 1 tablespoon of lime juice

Wet ingredients (stir well):

– 1 tablespoon of sago flour

– 1 tablespoon of water

– 1 egg white.

Dry ingredients (mix well):

– 3 tablespoons of sago flour

– 1/2 cup seasoning flour

– 1 tablespoon rice flour

How to cook fried squid recipe:

a. Wash the squid, sprinkle with pepper powder and run with lemon juice.

b. Squeeze the squid then let stand for 5 minutes, then rinse.

c. Add the squid to the wet ingredients, then to the dry ingredients.

d. Coat the squid with flour until blended.

e. Fry the squid until it turns golden yellow.

Honey sauteed squid


– 250 grams of squid (washed and scraped)

– 2 tablespoons of butter

– sufficiently ground pepper

– 2 tablespoons of lime juice

– 5 pieces of chopped red chilies

– salt to taste

– 1 tablespoon oyster sauce

– 1 tablespoon honey

– 1 tablespoon tomato sauce

– sugar to taste

How to cook honey sauteed squid recipe:

a. Soak the squid in the lemon juice for 5 minutes. After that, wash and drain.

b. Cook the squid in butter, pouring all the spices except honey. Wait for 5 minutes.

c. When finished, turn off the heat and pour honey. Stir well.

Spicy seasoning squid


– 1 kg squid

– 10 curly red chilies

– 1 tsp powdered flavoring

– 1 onion

– 5 red onions

– 1 tomato

– 1 tsp salt

– 2 tsp sugar

– 1/4 fried anchovies

Ground spices:

– 1 tomato

– 10 red chilies

– 5 red onions.

How to cook spicy seasoning squid recipe:

a. Sauté the onions. Enter the ground spices, stir until fragrant.

b. Add salt, sugar and flavor. Pour a little water.

c. Enter the squid, stir. Cook for 5 minutes. Enter the fried anchovies. Cooking on your own can also make you more economical in spending, you know. It’s no secret that the price of processed seafood in restaurants is so expensive. It’s expensive, only gets a small portion, the taste is not comparable. Which is why we shared some of squid recipes that you can make at home.

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