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One Farrer Hotel Spa, the Best Staycation Place to Enjoy Vacation Time

One Farrer Hotel Spa, the Best Staycation Place to Enjoy Vacation Time

One Farrer Hotel Spa is the right choice for those who want to go on a staycation. The facilities are adequate, classy, ​​and the interior of the modern rooms will make you feel at home to stay there for a long time. Want to know how the review was?


Visitors must also consider the quality of the restaurant from the inn that will be their choice. Although the facilities are classy and the interior seems elite, the prices offered are friendly.

So, you no longer need to worry because renting a room means the same as getting included breakfast. This advantage can make you save your budget. While on vacation because not all hotels in Singapore offer plus some breakfast by only renting a room. The breakfast menu is varied and tasty with Japanese, British menus, even healthy desserts with only fruits or vegetables.

Strategic Location

Its location close to City Square Mall makes it easy for you to find entertainment or hold a business meeting. You only need to walk for five minutes to reach it. If you want to go to Mustafa Center, the distance is also not far because it only takes 10 minutes on foot.

Spacious Room

You can choose the Urban Den room type as the best recommendation with a spacious room. The front has a sofa bed plus a TV, which you can use to stay with your family or relatives.

In the middle, there is a bathroom equipped with a shower. The Amenities are quite complete because they can be refilled every morning which will certainly satisfy your needs. Entering the bedroom area, you will be immediately satisfied when you see a soft King Bed mattress that can be a sleeping companion.

There is a super large television and a room view overlooking the garden with a day bed is guaranteed to make you happy. Hotel rooms have also adopted a smart home system, aka just pressing a button, you can enter directly.

Snacks are provided free of charge and can always be refilled every day. Not to mention there are premium teas and coffee makers. The plus value is the friendly service from the staff, so there will be no complaints or protests that can be thrown out for them.


This accommodation is located at 1 Farrer Station Roar, Little India, Singapore 217562. Due to its strategic location, you can visit it easily from the airport and use several other transportations, such as MRT and buses. The area includes Rochor which is a busy and busy shopping area with simple Little India eateries for you to visit and explore.

There are many promo and discounts for you if you want to have a staycation in this hotel. That is some information related to the accommodation offered by One Farrer Hotel Spa to accompany your vacation time. Cheap price, friendly service, when else will it be fun for you to try?

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