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Visiting Jewel Changi The Giant Indoor Waterfall

Visiting Jewel Changi: The Giant Indoor Waterfall

Singapore, this developed country seems to never run out of ideas to make tourists amazed to continue and keep coming to Singapore. For me, Singapore is never bored. There is always something new to explore.

Singapore always provides the best views in my opinion. Starting from skyscrapers, clean streets, tourist attractions that can be accessed for free, shopping malls from the cheapest to the most expensive ones, to public transportation that is comfortable and safe to use.

Well, in 2019, I accompanied my friend from Malaysia to go on her Singapore trip. We started our tour from Jewel Changi Airport. Jewel Changi is a giant indoor waterfall located in terminals 1 2 and 3. Although it is located inside the airport, Jewel is open to the public. So, anyone can come to Jewel. It doesn’t have to be a passenger on a particular plane departing or arriving through this airport.

Around Jewel Changi, you will also find cafes, shops, hotels, and restaurants. This place is crowded because Jewel is the highest indoor waterfall in the world with a height of 40 meters.

Not only waterfalls, what is interesting about Jewel Changi is a green garden equipped with up to 2000 trees, fresh or artificial flowers, and neatly arranged grass. This park is called Forest Valley. Wow, the view is very fresh. Feeling back to nature.

 How to Get There?

The trip to Jewel Changi is very cheap. You can take the MRT from the Harbour Front. Take the MRT on the purple line or the North-East Line and get off at Outram Park.

From Outram Park, you have to change the MRT to the green line or East-West Line and get off at Tanah Merah station. Then continue taking the MRT to Changi Airport (CC2). The MRT costs only SGD 2. You can buy tickets through a self-service machine at the ticket counter, using EZ-Link or Tourist Pass.

From City Center, you need a 20-minute drive via East Coast Parkway (ECP). It will lead you into Airport Boulevard. You will be charged SGD 5/30 minutes for short-term parking. You can ride your motorcycle or scooter too with SGD 1.30 for parking charge per day.

When you arrive at Changi Airport, go up to the top floor. You will find directions to Jewel Changi. You will definitely be amazed to see the waterfall designed by the world’s architects.

Want to Stay at the Grand Hyatt Singapore

After visiting Jewel Changi, we passed through other free attractions. When we went to the shopping center on Orchard Road, we passed a hotel called the Grand Hyatt Singapore. My friends told me that next time she wanted to stay at a five-star hotel during having a holiday in Singapore. We surely will try to stay at this hotel and experience a luxurious trip together. So, she plans to save as much as money she can. I am no exception. We hope our dream of going on a fancy Singapore tour will come true.

Now there is a digital Voucher, namely the Singapore Rediscover Voucher which can be exchanged for staying at this hotel. Singapore residents will get SGD 100 especially for those aged 18 years and above.

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